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A Couple Of Questions With Uv Sterilizer...

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1.Is there any easy no setup uv sterilizers out in the market??? Can u provide the name and the effectivness of the uv sterilizer?

2.If i buy TurboTwist 6x 18W UV Sterilizer do i need to have a input pump or a canister filter first??

3.Does a Uv sterilizer really work ? getting rid of bacteria? and other orginisms ? Is it really worth having?

ps. i read the page that was pinned on the tanks and equipment about uv sterilizer... but i just wanna clearify my inquiries... thanks !!!

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Yes - UV units REALLY work. But all UV units are not the same in their abilities. Much depends on the design of the unit, the age of the lamp and the speed at which the water is pumped past the UV rays.

At a slow speed, the UV will eliminate quite "large" organisms from the water. You can clear ich swarmers at the slowest speed. Bacteria can be cleared at a slightly faster speed, and single celled alage is cleared quickly. Dwell time is the name of the game.

The lamp needs to be replaced about once a year. It "dims" as time goes on - and is not as effective - or effective at all - with age. It still lights, but will not do the job. So keep records and change the lamp regularly.

The TurboTwist 6X is one of my favorite units for smaller volumes of water (55 gallons or less). It is easy to plumb, easy to pump, easy to clean, not too expensive, and the replacement lamps are readily available.

You easily run a TurboTwist with a simple pump - not expensive and easy to service and deal with. I have one plumbed into my cannister, but I much prefer the free standing units that I can control much better. All my other units I have running on these pumps:

I ahve 404s and 606s. Get yourself some PVC pipe and plumb away. It is easy.


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