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Small Goldfish?


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I love goldies but currently don't have any...But I was in our LFStoday and they had some goldies that looked like regular but it was stated that they stay smaller (mini), they were also selling jumbo goldfish for ponds.

Now I have been googling for mini goldfish but all I can find is crackers :blink: ...

The thing is I really like goldies and have kept several before but gave them away to pond (they were commons) because they grew too big for my tank...

I loved their characters and am always checking the net if maybe some smaller versions of them are being made...There are so many varieties of goldies but none is small (like max 20 - 30 cm...), why is that?

I love comets but they would just grow too big - I can only have 120 liter tank :(

But those fish looked like comets only they were said to remain relatively small. Anyway I didn't buy them cause I wanted to make sure they really are what the shop claims them to be...So has anyone ever heard of a mini goldie (10 - 15cm adult size)?


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definatly do your research of cousre the guy at the lfs will tell you that hping you would buy more ..then run into problems and come back to buy more stuff to fix it even though it won't ..fancy goldfish need 10g per fish and a common /comet needs 20g per fish .commons can get HUGE...and I've seen lots of fancies so big that you need two hands to pick them up .. :)and welcome to kokos' :D and exellent job on wanting to do research before you bought the little guys ..another thing you may want to read about is the nitrogen cycle for aquariums Very important !!

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SOME fancy goldfish are SLIGHTLY smaller than others. That said - they still are not too small of a fish. Pearlscales tend to be a bit "smaller" - but can carry a great body mass in a rather compact body type. There is one type - called a Siamese Doll - which supposedly stays smaller. I have not found that to be particulary true - all the "Dolls" I have had or seen have grown just as large as the "regular" fish.

In general, though, a small goldfish is simply a fish that has not grown yet, or a fish that has not been given the best in life and has suffered for it.

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