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8 Weeks Old Today!


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My Broadtail Ryukin babies are 8 weeks old today! I am a lousy photographer - but I had to share this picture with you. I took it this morning. That is my wrinkly hand there - to show how BIG they are!!!! Whoppers! Feeding tons of protien really plumps them and pumps them nicely. I did not get all tail - I got decent bodies to go with the tail, too!

Some are even starting to develop tiny little humps. :)

I cannot wait until the metallics develop color so I can tell if I have any blues in there. I do not think so, though. I have some nice calicos, some lemon/white calicos and a whooooole bunch of greens that look to be red or red/white. I wish there were blues, but...... I am not holding my breath!

My younger Crystal Ranchu fry are, however, looking suspiciously like there may be mostly blues in the group! They were a particularly bad group - but I have about 20 left that may or may not grow out to something reasonable. :)


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OH!! So glittery! And rather huge for 8 weeks no? :D

What a huge bag of glitter and gold and fun :heart:heart When will you have to start the dreaded culling then?

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Yup, Trinket. I am especially proud of this group. They are very big and solid and..... nice! I am dreaming of little ones that are going to be like their big daddy, Sterling!!!! I have been plugging them full of protien - brine shrimp, fish flakes, krill, etc. for their entire lives - and they are nice and big and FAT! :yeah:

I have been culling all along. I have one more cull that I will do, and then it will be simply separating - the ones I want or want to give to friends and the ones that will go to the pet store in the future. They may be nice and big - but they are really too little to go anywhere, yet. I have a breeder friend who may get a few of the larger ones in a few weeks, but, in general, I need to keep them for at LEAST 24-30 weeks before they are big enough for even the best petstore to be interested. They are simply too fragile before that - and do not look enough like a "goldfish" for the general public to have interest. AFter all - a little bronzy thing is NOT the same as a big, bright red/white fish with fins!

I started out with only a few hundred - but this was a particularly "good" group - with the majority being really nice fish. :)

I even kept 2 single tails myself. I am interested in how they will grow out - and, because a friend kept going over to Sterling's tank last year at show and dreaming about what a broadtail/single tail would be like (he likes single tails). I hope that the singles grow out well so I can take them this year to show/give to him! :rofl One of the single-tailed ones has the BEST body of the whole spawning. I wish it were on a doubletail fry!!! WOW. It has a huge hump and a deep belly already! :)

I expect that the colors will start to come at between 12-16 weeks of age. My spawns last year did it about that time with the Ryukins. (My Phoenix are over a year old and still have not gotten color!)

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