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How Long For Eggs To Develop?

Guest Gerbie

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Guest Gerbie

How long is a female goldfish pregnant for? How long does it take to go from no eggs to dropping eggs? If there are no males or if the conditions aren't right will they still develop eggs?

I would like to breed my fish in the future (possibly this summer), but I would rather plan it than for it just to happen one day when I'm not expecting it. How can I properly prepare and gauge where I'm at with the pregnancy? To trigger indoor breeding, do most people raise the temperature? I have a 55 gallon and the temp pretty much stays between 65 and 70 without a heater. How much would it need to raise it to?

Sorry if this post is a little confusing, I just have so many questions and have been reading so many old posts, I just don't know where to start! I guess I'm looking for a step by step to breeding, but BEFORE the actual "breeding dance" starts. How do you prepare for a successful breeding with less surprises?

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The preparation for breeding comes, usually, in the fall. In nature, the fish glut themselves on dead and dying insects that fall on the water - eating a heavy protien diet. The fish then have a period of dormancy - something that you can imitate with cooler tank temps. And, sometime in the spring, they will spawn. When..... that is their secret.

That said, there are a FEW things you can do to "induce" a ready-to-spawn female. It has been noted that fish will often drop their eggs just before a storm - when the air pressure is changing dramatically. They also can be encouraged to drop when the water temps change (as when the sun goes behind the clouds and the water temps change up and down like in the spring). Some breeders take a look at the forecast and find a storm on the horizon. Approximately 3 days before the storm, change out at least 50% of the tank's water. Do this for the three days prior to the storm. In the wee hours of the morning, before the storm, the female may decide to drop her eggs.

Some female fish are a real pain.... they may have eggs - but reabsorb them. Some may dribble eggs for weeks on end. Some may never develop eggs for years. A friend of mine had a GORGEOUS Bristol Shubie - she did nothing for 7 years - and then, out of the blue, she dumped 1000s. :idont

The best I can do to help you is to tell you that it takes multiple months for the fish to be properly prepped and ready.... several more months for the eggs to develop. Then, if all things are right - the female will decide to drop (or not).

Look for drops at dawn of a storm front.

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