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Something Swimming In My Tank


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I do not have the test results yet. I was leaving for work when I noticed.

Tank Size : 40 gallons

Filters: 2 Whisper, one unknown (guessing about 400gph) second one is 400 gph

Water Changes: 10-20% every week 50% once a month

Fish in tank: 3 Fancy Goldfish, all about 2 inches

Water addative: Aqua Safe water conditioner

Medications: Melafix (had finrot 2 weeks ago, I did a water change after the treatment)

New Fish: None

Food: Tetra-Fin Sinking Pellets, Bloodworms, Peas and Brine Shrimp

I found something swimming in the tank. It looks like a little worm flipping around. At first I thought it was Fry again, but its not. They are congregating around the top of the tank, near areas where the water is not moving as fast. They look like little worms with heads. They are a brownish color with clear tails. I did notice that my Black moor is missing a scale too, not sure if that has anything to do with these. I checked the fish, they do not appear to have any hanging off of them so I don't think its anchorworms.

They were yawning as of this morning, I didn't notice any flashing but I will check.

Im going to do another water change tonight at 50% even though I did a 20% yesterday.

Im going to take out the activated Carbon and add some salt.

Any Ideas what these might be?

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Im not at home currently so I can get a picture as early as tomorrow morning. But I did find a video on Youtube of someone with a similar problem.

These look just like mine.

Apparently they are called planaria, Im finding mixed ways of getting rid of them.

Anyone ever had those before?

Thank GOD my tank is barebottom, gravel cleaning is apparently the best thing you can do. :D

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