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New Lionheads


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Related to my stand and hood redesign for Chinese New Year :P - http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=66829

Todat I got myself some lionheads. They didn't have any Ranchus but these guys are just as good. Pick up them $13 each. I think the darker one is a blue more than black. Let me know what you reckon.




I'll be adding more pics with them in the tank later on. May be in a new post, I have a few pics and some interesting macro close up shots

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Nice - I think I would call the first one "blue" too - with a bit of green on the wen, perhaps. I like the blues and colors of the second - and the third is striking. Very nice find! I hope you keep posting and letting us see them as they grow.


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My first post has a link to the tank section where their tank is.

Here are some tank shots. The marco close up shots i might post in another thread. All three tend to huddle around that corner. I figure they are still getting use to life in a tank.

Haven't given them any names. I'm not in ther habit of naming my fish. Never did and not sure why :P








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