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Thanks, And More Beginner Questions...:)

Guest ann

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Thanks for all your help - my blackmoor is much happier now that I've been doing the daily water changes. But I have a couple more questions - should I be adding more Cycle every time I do a water change? How about salt?

I've had the tank cycling with the blackmoor in it for almost two weeks now - when can I add another fish? I have 20 long tank with a Top Fin Power Filter 30 on it, and a bubble shell in there. I think I can safely house one more fancy goldfish - am I right?

If so, what kind of fancy goldfish do okay with a blackmoor? Should I get another telescope so he won't be out-competited for food? Or would something like a Ruykin be okay? I was thinking of one of those with lots of white, because I will eventually be adding one of those lights in order to keep my blackmoor black, and have heard that orange goldfish will turn black under those lights, whereas the white & red ones (like Ruykin) stay white & red. But I want my blackmoor to be happy.

Thanks so much! :)

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I would use Cycle for the recommended time it says to on the bottle. As for adding another fish, I would go with a telescope, but I am sure a Rukin could be okay with your moor. Do you have any salt in your tank now? What are your water params? Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and Ph?

Btw, the Top Finn 30 your are using only filters 150gph and you need at least 200gph on your 20g tank. You may want to add another filter to bring that up.

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IF your tank has only been cycling for 3 weeks I am assuming it is not cycled yet. Cycled means that you are getting zero ammonia and zero nitrite readings. When this happens, the tank is said to be "Cycled".

I would strongly recommend that you do NOT get another fish until your tank is strongly stable and cycled. The more fish you have making waste in the tank, the higher the ammonia/nitrite levels will be each day - and you will have to change out substantially more water everyday to keep the tank healthy - until it cycles.

ONce the tank has sufficiantly cycled with one fish in it, you can safely add another fish.

Ryukins and Telescopes can get along, but they are vastly different fish. Ryukins are said to be the "bad boys" of the goldfish world. I have NEVER had a bad one - they are my first love, but they do have plenty of tales told.

If you are only concerned about the colors, then I would say get a telescope fish of a different color. There are red/white ones, red ones, white ones, blue ones, lavender ones, chocolate ones and calico ones. There are several newer colors, too - that are quite unique. Lights of various wavelengths will not affect the color of your fish's black - or what they do is sooooooo little that you will most likely not notice a difference. The pH of the water has some to do with it - but the majority of color is genetically driven. Your fish will be the color it is genetically programed to be - and you cannot change that.

If you are using the product Cycle for a dechlorinator/water treatment, great. If you expect it to create a cycle for you -then you are wasting your money. It will not do that.

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