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Can One Type Of Filter Be Better For Cycling Than Another?

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I was wondering about this. A week ago, I changed out my two filters that I had and put on new ones. I was using an Aqua-Tech 20-40 and a Whisper 10-30. I had these on my tank since I set it up in Oct.. A few days before I changed them out, I added coral to my tank to try and get my KH and PH up. I had also started using baking soda for about two weeks. A few days after I changed out the filters my cycle started.

I realize that the coral had something to do with that. However, my ph had gone up for two weeks before I changed out the filters and the baking soda had brought my Kh up to 71.6.

I changed out to two Penguin filters. A 100B and a 350B.

My kh and ph had been brought up for about two weeks before I changed out to the new filters. I wsa just wondering if bio-wheel filters promote better water circulation and oxygen and maybe that was what got my cycle started, along with the higher ph and kh?

I mean, let's face it, my ph and kh were already up for about two weeks before I put on the new filters. When I changed to the new filters, I took one of my bio-pads from the Aqua-tech and placed it in my 350B; suddenly, my cycle started. :blink:

Can a certain type of filter be better for cycling than another?

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Nope. There's nothing whatsoever to suggest that. U can cycle a tank with an air-powered sponge filter just as well as with a canister or a bio-wheel. As long as there's enough surface area for the bacteria to grow, the cycling process will happen.

Why do u think kh & ph has anything to do with cycling?

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