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thanks lola ^^;

i'm trying my best to keep calm.

no one in my house seems to understand why i'm getting so worked up over a 'stupid goldfish'

and i'm just like


my mother actually scolded me for giving the fish so many waterchanges.

when they obviously don't need new water.

i think i've given up on trying to explain


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Goodness, now you're going to have to do another change to remove all those eggs - your Mum will be pleased!

I'm really sorry but I'm going to have to sign off for bed now as it's 1.40am my time.

I can't see anything from the pics, so can you describe the red lump? Is it a protrusion or more like a sore. Does the centre look red or white. Can you try pics again using macro and turning off the room lights and the filters - this may give better definition.

I expect Trinket will be on a little later and will be able to help you more.

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if i can't get Prazi right away....would i be better off treating with 'Jungle Parasite Clear Tabs'?

....seeing as jungle products are readily available in my aread....


--->can i?


the red lump is almost like a pice of her tail that was scraped off the bottom of her tail and still hanging there?

For all I know it could very well be a piece of her tail.

I did a 70% water change after she released her eggs, and she seems much happier now.

The salt is also at the desired .3% after three days.

overall she seems much better...

For now all I can do is observe.

The salt seems to have really helped.

Also, if anyone has any ideas on the 'mysterious red lump'-ey thing------ please do enlighten me.


And again, any ideas on wether i can substitute praziquantel with jungle tablets?

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Hi again - I'd wait for the Prazi as the PC tabs contain antibiotics - there doesn't seem to be any bacterial infection so far, so the salt should hold things. Trinket has been unwell so it would be good to wait for her opinion on the tail. Any chance of a clearer pic?

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Any chance of a clearer pic?

i shall try....but since she's been feeling better it's been particularly hard to catch her on camera.

she seems more aware of my presence.


she's like a ninja !!


---->i've also started salting my main tank because i've noticed Charlie 'flashing' occasionally.

the red lump is still there, but it's more like a shard of her tail.



anddddd, the ends of bucket's tail are looking ever so slightly ragged.


oh boy


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Well, tattered and splitting fins are in line with fluke attack, so hopefully with the Prazi (when you get it!), salt and good water, you should start to see these things improve quite soon.

Even if it were early finrot salt is the best treament, so you are covered there, already. :rolleyes:

Just hang in there - you're doing well.

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