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Nitrate 0?

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Hello All!

I just tested my water, and these were the results:

Ammonia: 0ppm

Nitrite: 0ppm

Nitrate: 0ppm

(Have not yet tested the pH)

So, the nitrate test indicated 0. I don't think I have ever seen my tank lower than 5ppm, nor have I seen it over 10. I only perform 15% water changes at one time, so my nitrate levels stay fairly stable.

Is this normal? Should these results worry me? Could there be something strange going on?

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The tank is a 20 gallon tall, I have one 1-2" Fantail and one 2-3" Ryukin (I know I am close to being overstocked...I was given the Ryukin as a gift approximately 2 weeks ago--I am plannig to move my guys to at least a 29 gallon as soon as financially possible).

There are no live plants in the tank.

The tank is filtered by the Aquaclear 50 with sponge, Biomax and activated carbon.

I am currently medicating with a 0.3% salt solution and Melafix and have added crushed coral to the tank within the last week.

I have not yet purchased a liquid GH or KH testing kit, but my testing stips (which I DO NOT trust anymore) are telling me that both levels are around 30-40. I am guessing that the levels are getting to be pretty good by now. I have not tested the pH yet b/c all of the test tubes are dirty and I need to let them dry to avoid contaminating the results with tap water.

The temp of the water is about 72 degrees (I have been raising it for over a week b/c I am medicating and my tank experience a huge drop in tempurature--approximately 5 degrees in 48 hours) b/c of the unusally cold weather in my area.

I performed my last water change on Friday evening.

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After thinking about it for a while, I realize that I DO have live plants (or at least plant-like organims) in my tank--I have Green Hair Algae! I had allowed the algae to cover pretty much every sufrace of my tank (including the viewing surface) but recently scraped all but a portion of the back wall of the tank. Of course, the fake plants, and decorations still have green hair algae covering them, and the gravel has it in patches.

I guess that could explain the 0 Nitrate reading? I tested again tonight and found that it is still a definite 0.

What do you guys think?

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