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Boys Or Girls?


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For "newbies" I have found it far easier for you to look to see if they are boys. Young boys are bit tougher - and even older boys who are not in an active breeding season are not super easy, but the easiest way is too look for the presence of "breeding stars" on the pectoral fins. These are the front fins - the "arms" of the fish.

Take a flashlight and shine it along the pectoral fins. You may see some specs that reflect the light in a kind of irridecent manner. If you do, these are the breeding stars of a male. When he is an adult and/or in season, those breeding stars can be very obvious - looking like whitish bumps up and down the front edge of the pec fins. On many fully adult male fish, you will also see the stars all over the sides of the fish's face.

The flashlight will help you see the stars when they are not pronounced - as in a young male or a male not in season.

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