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Show Qualities (or) Fallbacks

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Hi Experts,

I am living in chennai(southern india). I have a general question particularly about ryukins. Recently i bought some calico long tail ryukins from china. These are AAA grade or show quality ryukins with awesome shape with tri color. I hav already bred some goldfishes locally. My question is if i berd this calico ryukins will i be able to get AAA or show quality ryukins from these pairs or i will be getting only fallbacks. I mean the same shape, longtail, color etc. Advice needed from experts.



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Well - welcome - in case we have not welcomed you already.

Wow - triple A's - that is COOL!!!!

Genetics in goldfish is VERY complicated - they have been selectively bred for sooooo many years that there are literally thousands of genetic variations to deal with. Add to this the fact that most of the genetic traits are not connected and do not necessarily follow simple Mendalian genetics.

What this means in a nutshell is, even though you may have extraordinary parents, you will still have a large percentage of your babies that will not be as good as the parents. The closer in genetic makeup the parents are, the better chance you have of having the babies resemble the parents.

For example: if you have a "brother" and a "sister" fish that are both showing all the traits you wish in the finished babies, you stand a much better chance of having a large percentage of the offspring showing those traits than if you have two unrelated fish that show all traits. If you got your breeder fish from a breeding facility that keeps track of lines and crosses along those, you may be able to get a good "matched set". If the fish are bred without tracking, you may have exceptional breeders, but the genetics may not be fully compatible and you may have very few good offspring.

Last year I crossed two spectacular broadtailed Ryukin together. Both are show winners. Amoung the some 1000 fry, I finally sold 3 to a store and kept none. There were NONE that were show quality. I crossed the same female to a "lesser" male and got about 2000 fry. Of these I sold about 120 to stores and kept none. There were NONE that were show quality from this cross.

I then crossed a different female to the orginal male - and got an amazing set of some 4000 fry. OF these, I got over 150 that were "store quality" and 4 that I have kept. (They are spawning now). Those four are as good a show quality as their parents in my opinon, and will go to show this year. Unfortunately, they are already over 3 inches in body - so would have to face the adult class - instead of the juvenile..... :(

In any spawning, you will get a LARGE number of fry that are NOT worth growing out. These should be culled. You will get a large number that are "good enough" - pleasant looking fish that have all the attributes of the breed - but just not, perhaps, perfect enough to be a "show fish". The saying is that you will get 1 in 100 that is good enough for growing out. 1 in 100 of those that is show quality.

Expect a lot of culls and a lot of "store" fish. Count yourself lucky for each and every one of the fry that appears to be "showquality"! :)

My hubby put it all in a nutshell. If every one of the 4000 fry looked like "Dad" - then we would have 4 million dollars when we sold them. Fish breeders are not rich. So obviously the fish are not breeding like that!!! (I WISH!!!!)

Good luck. :) Do not ever be afraid to breed your fish. Cull carefully. You can start a nice line - take the best looking offspring that offset the parents genetics and cross them back to solidify the line even further - making your percentage of "good" fish even greater. It can be fussy work - and very frustrating at times, but it surely is exciting!!!

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