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You Aint My Babies Daddy!


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Some of you may remember my post here when my Frida dropped a bunch of eggs. Well folks SHE DID IT AGAIN! only a couple of months later, the only reason I know it was her is because the PomPom flashed me some breeding stars just last wednesday.

So now the question.... Whos Fridas Babies Daddy???? Is it Pompe Magnus the pom pom? OR Sketti the Black Moor????

The second set of babies are in a breeders net in the big tank, so are the ones that were in the 5 gallon hex tank (two seperate breeder nets).

The first round are still to small to get the camera to focus on so no pictures as of yet. (My camera Stinks)

Oh and Pompe Magnus has fin rot, SUCKAGE! Nothing a round of Melafix and some salt wont fix!

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Well, that seems to be the question of the day, doesn't it? :D Unless you have witnessed one of your fish fertilizing Frida's babies, there is no chance in telling. Skitti, does he have breeding stars as well? Did you see any attempt of chasing at all, or was it mostly Pompe that was a bit "unruly"? :)

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