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I was wondering, what was involved in breeding bettas? I have a spare 4.5 gallon tank lying around, and I was wondering, what sort of filtration, airation, how many I should keep, how to tell which are male/female, and any precautions or tips on keeping them


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Guest SeaGull


I have bettas myself, a lot different then keeping golds.

That is a great size tank for a betta, most people think that they will do fine in a small container, the bigger the better and easier to keep clean. Even tho Bettas are much cleaner then our gold friends.

There is a great group that I am a part of will give the site here,,they are very helpful in all aspects of Bettas.

The male betta of course has the longer finnage,,,is more colorful and of course you can only keep one male to a tank, as they are aka simese fighting fish and will fight till the death.

Several females can be kept in a tank together, I would put no more then two in that size tank.

If you are just wanting to get two males that would be fine for that size tank,,,but put a divider between them.

Bettas like fairly warm water, very little water movement, due to their heritage of living in swamps, rice patties etc,,so if you have a filter put it on a trickle. No airstones are necessary for them. When decorating the tank,,the more bare the better,,,,if you want to put plants in which I have I use silk plants only, as their long fins can snag and get caught on plastic and rip them up pretty bad, which can lead to fin rot and other problems. To test whether a decoration or a plant is suitable for a betta,,,take a pair of old nylons and run them over the object if they "snag" not suitable for a betta.

All in all they are easy fish to keep,,,,right now I have a problem betta,,,with his eating. They like a variety of food, from the good pellets, to flakes, and veggies....

As for breeding I have not tried to breed mine, but they are having a discussion on the group I am on,,and there is a ton of information on breeding on the internet.

Sorry I could not be of help there.

This is the group I belong to the only one re: bettas,,as they are pros in the matter as far as I am concerned. You will also see beautiful pictures of the groups bettas,,,,

Hope you will join and enjoy your new fishy friends,,,and from what I hear they are not hard to breed, and the males take care of the young.

This is the group:


There are others out there that you do not have to join,,,can't think of them at this time,,,but will do a search for you if you want.

Any further ?'s feel free to ask.

Have a great day~



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Keeping male and female bettas together is not a good idea, as they can and will kill each other. It is really not a good idea to breed them either, unless you are an expert as SO many bettas get injured and hurt during spawning as they are so agressive. If you decide to get two bettas, get two females to put together, or get two males, and use a divider to seperate them, and PICS please as soon as you get one! :) I love bettas and hope to get one, too!

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I belong to a betta breeding site. There are lots of betta breeders on there who will answer you questions. Check the site out and look over and read the articles on breeding and it should help. www.uniquebettas.com. Also keep in mind you need jars to jar the males when the fry get bigger and bettas can have spawns of up to 50-100 fry

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