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My Semi- New Betta!


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I got my Betta a few weeks ago from Pet Co. He's super pretty. He has a blueish-green body and beautiful blood-red fins with a green iridescent 'crown' that comes from the base of his tail and fans out... He lives in a 10gal tank with lots of plants, though it doesn't look like it. Some of them started to die, and then re-grew from the roots kinda like Irises or Daffodils. So I clipped the dead parts off and the plants are tiny and hard to see unless you get close.

Anyway, I can't think of a name. Larry and I have just been calling him "fishy" (well, Larry calls him "pretty fishy" lol and this man is 22...)



He got too close.. lol



I couldn't get a good picture with the flash.

Can anyone think of a name? (If anyone is curios, my female Betta's name is Sedona. Kissy suggested it.)

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