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Guppies, Here Are What I Started With


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This is what i use to have them in, a 5 gallon

there is one snakeskin in there, the yellow stripe one, my fav. of all time. I love that little guy, he died because one day our house, the AC broke down during summer, so we all went to a motel. I left my fish home with a air pump but he died anyway, when he died, his tail was much longer than you see in the video. The red one died because of old age I believe. The sunset female died because of some strange disease. and the other female died because of dropsy. Lol you can see, the orange guys is just a flirt! lol the reason was because i kept him in a 1 gallon tank for up to 4 months alone! and he was very lonely, I know that was horrible so i bought a snakeskin and he chased him all around, then i bought a 5 gallon and buy 2 female......he still chased the snake skin around -____-'' I guess they love playing tag


P.S. btw my mistake. I bought 1 more female, a dark female, an HB female guppy


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