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Oranda At My Work

Guest Iris

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hi there,

i work at a pet store that is locally owned. In our fish department the 2 fish guys actually know what they are doing. However one of the Oranda's we got with a shipment a few weeks back, developed 2 holes in his head. (the brainy looking part of his head). the fish guys have tried treating it, but with no luck.

Otherwise it is a very pretty and healthy fish, he/she eats and does it's normal Ornada things

Does anyone know what might have caused it and how it is treatable if at all?



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A picture would really help to rule out wen growth which can look odd and uneven sometimes- but otherwise it may be that the fish has hole-in-the-head disease which is sometimes called lateral line disease as the holes can also appear along the side of the fish where the lateral line runs.

It's a disease that is thought to be caused by nutritional deficiencies especially lack of vitamin C. Feeding old or expired fish food that has lost its nutritional cause can trigger this disease. Almost always for some obscure reason the holes are infected with the hexamita parasite which is very tiny and can live in the intestinal tract for years, causing the gut to bloat slightly confusing us into thinking the fish is well fed.

Metronadizole and oxytetracyline are the most effective treatments, and oral food meds containing both to eliminate the community of parasites that are living in the GI tract is vital. Metro-meds from Goldfish Connection is a good one that contains both or you could try metro water born bath meds and feeding a medicated food with tetracyline in that you may have in your store.

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