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A Big Move!


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Well, that was a frazzling experience! We just moved from southern Nevada to North Utah. I was so worried about how my fish would do on the trip. I was on edge the whole way up! Fortunately, everyone made it up okay, but we had a very close call with our betta, Rajion. He was on the floor of hte car, and I guess it was a lot colder down there. When got up here his water was icey cold, and almsot all the color had drained from him! I put the two goldies in a bowl to stretch their fins a little before I got the tank set up, and I put Rajion's bag in with them to help warm him up. He didn't seem too happy about sharing space with my long-finned goldies, but I knew he was better there. And it worked, becuase he perked right back up, and even regained his color! Whew!

I might be getting another betta soon. My SIL is not sure she wants to keep her betta, and has offered to give him to me, complete with his nice big tank:-) Oh, and she loved my goldies. She said she had never seen fish with such long tails before. I'm pretty partial to them, too :heart

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