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Oranda Listless

Guest gpb

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My 4 inch oranda looks perfectly fine. She is very active for her meals but then she always returns to her corner and stays there. I have tried raising the water temperature adding more air bubbles but nothing seems to work. She has been doing this for over a month. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Welcome to Koko's!!!

I have moved your post to this forum where you might get more help. At the top, you will notice a set of questions. This is a SOP to help us help you - like a doctor taking a history before diagnosis. IF you could post up the answers to as many of these questions as possible it may go a long way towards helping you find a solution.

Just off the top of my head, though....

Have you scoped for parasites? Many times a fish can be carrying a load of parasites that causes lethargy - but they are still capable of swimming and eating and responding when they want to try that hard.

You might want to try raising the salt to 0.3ppm for 2 weeks and see if the fish responds.... Many parasites can be erradicated or greatly reduced with just a plain salt treatment. To do this, use large grained aquarium salt. The measurement is 1 teaspoon per gallon or one Tablespoon per 5 gallons (The tsp is more accurate) to raise the salt to 0.1%. Do this, then wait 12 hours and repeat the dose - taking the salt to 0.2%. Wait another 12 hours and do it again, taking the salt to 0.3%.

Keep the salt at this concentration for 2 weeks. When you do water changes, you will need to add back in just the amount of salt that you removed in the water. Salt does not evaporate or go away by itself - it only is removed with the water.

For example: If you have a 30 gallon tank, you add in a total of 6Tablesppons of salt, three time. (That is 18Tbs total over 36 hours - to ease the fish into the salinity) When you change the water, you take out 10 gallons. The replacement water should have 6 Tbs salt in it before you add it back in - a slainity of 0.3%.

Dissolve the salt before pouring it in the tank. Do not pour it in the filter or over a fish.

See if that does not help.

Again - welcome to Koko's. Please come back and ASK ANYTHING. We will try to help.

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Guest Chicklette

We really need some more information, without it, it's just guess work. What is really important is the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate reading.

You could be having problems due to that because a lot of times when the water quality is poor fish will sit at the bottom of the tank. Now, the only suggestion is to get those reading and carry out some water changes.

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