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Guest ThRtst

Ave, everyone,

I've made some posts since this bit of news, but neglected to mention it. 2 weeks ago, I was at the local Wally World and spotted a calico telescope who looked almost exactly like my favorite fish, Humphrey, who was the final casualty in my tank disaster a few months ago. I absolutely NEEDED to buy him, so I did. Same fat body, stubby tail fins, same telescope eyes. Different markings though, more speckled, less mottled. Then last week, I bought a small black moor, and a red and white oranda, which looked exactly like a red cap. Maybe it is, and he was in the wrong tank. Hmmm. Anyway, I might try to get some pics up, as I was planning on setting up my 55, but I'm moving now, so that won't come to fruition for another few weeks.

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