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I Fed My Goldfish Oranges

Guest ThRtst

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Guest ThRtst


With the disaster that happened with my very first tank (all of my fish, except for one, died within a week of each other after about a month of doing fine) I had fed bits of orange that my ryukin, Nails, took and he was the only survivor. Coincidence? I don't know. Last night I dropped small shreds of an orange into the tank with my new babies and Nails, and almost as soon as it hit the water, Nails honed in like a cruise missile. I think he remembered it. It was a lot of fun to watch them eat, especially my calico telescope. He took a larger shred in his mouth, and was completely tail up vertical as he had it in his mouth, gradually "sucking" it in, and spitting it out, leaving less fruit on the membrane each time, until he spit out nothing but membrane.

I made the decision just a few days ago to move to another state, so I want them strong and healthy, especially since they'll be spending some time together in a smaller tank as I am packing up the other tanks

I've been feeding them a variety of conventional food for the past two weeks or so, but I'm going to try supplementing with peas and such. We'll see how it works. Vale guys! Cody

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I just "shared" an orange with Moby and Florence yesterday. They absolutely love 'em! But I did take the peel off and cut the orange section into tiny pieces. The last time I just sort of split it up and they made the most awful mess with it, lol! I had to skim the top of the water with the net where the pulp had floated to the top of the water and was just sitting there. This time it was much neater.

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