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My Commons And Comets

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Thanks for all the good comments. :)

They all live outdoors most of the time. I am probably going to bring some in soon because they are overstocked. They eat a lot of green algae as well as fish food, which gives them a great colour. I feed them Tetra Gold Exotic and Gold Japan, and some freeze-dried foods.

The biggest is about 13cm without the tail, and most of the others are not far behind. Some of them have grown since the photos were taken. The Sarasa comet is now much fatter.

The dark one is the only one I bought, all the others are rescues. He was sold as a 'black comet goldfish', and was very small when I got him, about 4-5cm without the tail. He has now grown a lot, and is the same fish in the other photos. He is a goldfish/carp hybrid, with the fins of a fancy goldfish and 4 barbels like a koi.

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hi and welcome to KOKO's

Red/white common and pink common with funny tail

the one with a funny tail, is i believe known as a tripod tail

ohh and you have got some lovely fish, hope my new black moor does as well as yours has

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