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New Comet And More Tank Pics


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I got this little guy yesterday, although it took forever to catch him. After about 10 minutes of looking at the comets in the feeder tank I picked one out that I wanted. Then I told the guy that I wanted the one with red on his lip but he caught the wrong one afer about 10 minutes so then he handed me the net and said I could catch him myself if I wanted to (the petstore guy was really nice and actually was more experienced than they usually r). So I stood there for like 20 minutes looking for the fish and people were gathering around watching what I was doing lol. Finally after catching a wrong fish about 20 times I saw the one I wanted and actually managed to catch him! He's adorable, he's in qt right now, he has some fin damage, missing some scales and probably has parasites. Ya'll probably know by now that I love naming my fish after food for some reason so I named him Cherry Pie (dunno how I came up that, I think I was thinking about pie and he has bright red like a cherry lol). There was also just the most cutest pearlscale u could possibly imagine, I mean REALLY cute, take cute and multuply it by 100. My mom was practically begging me to get him she was like "common u know u wanna, he'll b fine among the other fish" yet I still didnt get him cause I didnt want him to get hurt if I put him in the 125 gallon with single tailed goldies. But now I really regret not getting him, his cute little face keeps popping into my head and I keep thinking of the horrible things that might happen to him, if he's still there next time (which sadly he surely wont be) I will defianently get him. Im so mad at myself for not buying the little guy, I cant even describe how cute he was not just the way he looked but the way he acted too, and my mom isnt the biggest fan of pearlies and even she was in love with him. Poor thing. I also saw another terrible thing there. There was a lady that asked the guy if she could put 3 comets in her tank (what she showed looked about 5 gallons) and the guy said no cause they can grow to a foot each, but the next time we saw her she had a bag with at least 20 comets in it :cry1 ! Well anyway, here's my new fishie, his body looks really long in the cup though but u can kinda see his pretty color pattern.



and here's some new pics of my 125 gallon tank:

filling it up


almost full


here u can see the riversrones


set up with filters


I got a digital thermometer and a seachem stickon ammonia monitor (I think this pic shows up sideways)


this is the ornament I picked out, I got it for my b-day


and here's a video kinda showing the whole tank, although I dont think I had the ornament in yet, I love the ornament it looks so cool!


sorry little pearlie I didnt get u, I would right now if I could :cry1:(:cry1

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yeah the tank is nice and long which is perfect for the goldies! The little fishie seems upset about being in a 2 gallon bucket but I told him that he should feel very lucky right now lol, especially that I didnt give up on him and catch a different fish cause it took a long time to catch this certain one!

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wow looking good shamu you have alot of hardware on that tank why not scape it with some glosso and many different mosses. no okay understanded your keeping goldies and they will eat everything lol

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thanks. cant plant it cause I have only 40 watts of light and my mom isnt about to buy me new lighting but a javafern will b enough I think.

Your tank is beautiful Shamu! :D And your fish is so cute! Are you sure it hasn't eaten cherry pie - and it stained his lips? :teehee

Keep updating with pics! We'd love to watch him/her grow up! :exactly

Good luck, Sweety!!


haha maybe ur right!

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