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Say Hi To My Goldie Family!


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I have 5 goldfishes in my 55 gallon, i know ...it's very overstock but my mom got me a lionhead for Christmas, and i promsie i wont get anymore...........................................

not until I get another more aquarium

This is Sunny. Lol my fantail


The red udner his eyes is the camera i mean the shadow, lol




"Leave us alone you freaking stalker!"

Cinderella lol



Speedie, he is the one the emplyee caught him in the net and he got damaged badly, lost alot of scales, his tail was ripped but he is all good now


and you must have seen my other sarasa in the other photo, he is pretty small.

and this is my lionhead. He is so cute! lol His eating is normal now and i haven't got a name for him



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Thanks Love-rabbit-fish

Lol yeah that oen sarasa is so tiny, but it will go into the pond when it grow up..as soon as i fix it, it's all messed up and i haven't use it for a while since my other fish death and then it's all dirty and messy, it just look like a hole in the ground now so i need to get new liner and everything and then slates lol it's not gonna be soon btu I promise i will show ya when it's finish. Yup, i like Cinderalla also, she is beautiful

Thanks fishcrazy

Well, i was thinking both the commet will be going out when it's bigger but like i said, it need to eb fix and everything. Also another tank, i wont be getting one soon lol, my mom will go crazy with me and fishes lol. but i know i will

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I think it looks groovy! Do you ever have a problem with your bubble wall floating to the top?

Lol thanks, nope it stays where it is. do you?

Hey I saw these guys on you tube! Their so cute!!

lol yeah i had a vid of them on youtube lol. thanks!

aww cute fish i love them chubbygold

Lol thanks you, i think they are very cute as well

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