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Christmas Portraits

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On this Christmas Eve morning, we took some pictures of our fish... first photoshoot for our newest fish, Lucy!


We bought Lucy because she was the only Oranda at Wal*mart, which was odd, and a Chinese Algae Eater was attacking her. The CAE had sucked the slime coat off right behind her wen, you can still see it a little bit in the photos but it's so much better than it was. Poor thing! She's in a tank by herself and I don't know if she'll ever be able to have tankmates because she has a swimming problem that we can't seem to cure. She has a hard time getting to her food. On to pictures!



The black spots aren't actually on her, I think they're on the glass.




Fred & Ginger

I don't know if that hornwort in the pictures with them is going to make it! It turned brown from the bleach dips. I hope it comes back to life for us. There's a java fern on the other side of the tank but they always come to this end for pictures, lol.




Just Fred

Because his fins have healed up nicely!



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Yay for you for rescuing a goldfish who clearly needed some help!!! :bingo:

LOL love the Christmas paper as a backdrop! You got some nice poses out of them.

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