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Size Of Annie

Guest Halloween

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Guest Halloween

I just posted these two pics in my last pic post but I thought I'd just post them again along with a couple of others to show Annie's size!


This is Ping and Annie when they lived togeather last year.


This is them 5 months ago about. I often wonder if they remember each other. It almost looks as if they are looking at each other... I don't know. It's weird.


Here's Clair and Annie shortly after he moved to the 120 gallon.




This them (Annie on the left) just a few minutes ago.

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Guest eric2601
Beautiful!..Orandas are my favorite.. :exactly

I wish I had your fortitude wioth orandas. After Punch - the Wern over the eyes thing with him is just to much for me to deal with a second time - decisions cut - not to cut - etc etc .... But they are trulyh beautiful fish -

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