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Please Help! Red Streaky Oranda And Cloudy Eye Moor.

Guest DeAnna

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Hello everyone! I'm new to this site, I was so excited when I found it because I've been looking for a good goldfish group to join for a while, and this one seems great!!! I have some problems with my little buddies though...

I have...

20 gallon tank (although I am in the process of setting up my new 35 gallon tank for more room)

3 goldfish (2 black moors one around 3 in. and another 6 in., 1 red cap oranda 4.5 in.)

30% water change weekly

I use tetra aquasafe with bio extract for their water conditoner

I feed them Omega One small pellets for breakfast and Wardley Spectra Max flakes for dinner ( cucumbers occasionally)

There are no new fish

The tank has been running for about a year and a half

I use a tetra whisper water filter and an undergraverl filter as well

I performed a mardel test strip which read as follows:

Nitrate: 20

Nitrite:around 0.5



pH:around 8.0

I also added a little bit of aquarium salt, and have been using erythromycin medication

My problem started off Friday (Dec. 21) with my large balck moor (Dan Dan) having an extremely cloudy eye. He was acting a little awkward and resting a lot, although he was still hungry and eating. I performed a water change and went to my local fish store. The person I talked to gave me some Erythromycin which I have been treating the entire tank with since then. I performed another water change, around 50% yesterday, which is when I noticed my oranda (Brain) had light red streaky veins appearing in his tail. My black moor seems to be feeling better even though his eye is still a little cloudy, and my oranda is still swimming, eating and acting regular. I'm really concerned though because I've been looking online and it seems as if he has septocimia? I'm not sure if I should stop my current medication and start another one to treat my other fish brain (even though there are four more days left on the current medication), or if I should wait it out and then treat the entire tank again with another medication? I'm not even sure if what I am using is correct. I am very worried about my other black moor ( Jr.) because he seems perfectly healthy and is being exposed to the sick fish and medication.

Up until all this happened my guys were perfectly fine for a long time without any scares. I did slip and go almost a month without cleaning the tank due to finals, vacation, being sick:( I'm not sure if that is what triggered all of this. If anyone has any help with suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!!!Thanks for the help:)

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I DeAnna, Welcome to KoKos! I am sorry that your fish are sick. I am not a mod, and I am sure one will be here soon to help, but I will address what I can from what you have written.

First of all, you know that you are overstocked with three fish, those sizes, in a 20g tank. However, you are getting a bigger tank, so good for you!!!

Second of all, you didn't post your ammonia reading in your params. Bloody streaks are usually a sign of bad water. Can you test your ammonia? Also, you are showing nitrites, which you should not have in a cycled tank. You should only show nitrates.

Next, you really need to do more and bigger water changes in your tank each week. Also, the UG filters are usually bad for GF as they tend to send toxic gases into the water.

Also, you need to feed your fish a better diet with a variety of foods. Check out the food forum for some great ideas!!!

I am not sure about the meds you are using, but don't start another one until a mod reads this. It may do more harm.

Hang in there, Hon, a mod will be on shortly to help you out!!!! :)

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THANK YOU SO MUCH NICKIE!!! I really appreciate you responding so quickly. I do have to get another amonia tester for my tank, so I unfortunately do not know that info right now. I had no idea that UG filters were bad for goldfish?! I am definetly trying to research more for the set up of my new tank so that their environment can be better:) I am really excited that I came across this site because there seems like there is so much information and I love the idea of the discussion forums! I will definetly take your advice about not switching their meds yet, and reading more on this site about better food options. Thank you so much again! Have a Happy Holliday! :)

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How is it going with the fish these days, DeAnna? Any more troubles? Any questions? :)

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