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More Pictures, And I Re-did My Tank Again.


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Many of these are blurry because I wanted to use the light from the tank, not the light from the flash, so they would blur when the fish moved. This first one however...

Is because a frog (Apollo) photocrashed on my little Poe!


Is it just me or do these two look mighty guilty?


So, Iggy (not pictured) is 1/3 the size of Sparky, and I swear he has bigger eyes than Sparky (pictured)


What's in there? Is it safe? Notice Pumpkin hiding behind Mars and Poe, just in case.


Look how big Moonbeam has gotten compared to the others.


Another group picture


There's a little algae on the glass over Mars' eye that's why it looks funny.


I just LOVE this picture of Sparky. I love his lucky fin too. He has one teeny tiny anal fin.


My favorite picture of Sparky EVER...

Do you need a hug?


Most of the tank


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They're bamboo and I bought them from the aquatics department of a local fish store. So far they've grown in my tank so I don't think so. It's an experiment so I'll see what happens in time.

Thank you for the compliments. I wish I had my good camera so I can take pictures of the fry I have, but I can't get shots of them with this one.

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great pics Mary i love the group shot and the bamboo and driftwood box in the middle. It may be aquatic bamboo as there is some bamboo that can breath through there leaves like aquatic plants ;) (on a side not i am wondering whether i should post pics of my tank i just redid it. it now has gravel back in it lol)

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I had about 20 more pictures of them all hanging around each other. They tend to do that after I do a big waterchange or move stuff around. It's like they're trying to protect eachother. Each one had their moment in front too, it was kinda cute. Mars, Achilles and Iggy were the only ones not in group huddle mode. But none of them seem to mind when I move things. They check out my hand and then go back to whatever they were doing.

Right now they're all giving me that 'Feed me' look. Little brats.

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