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6 Month Anniversary!


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Today, December 21, 2007, Larry and I have been together for 6 months. And when he got home from work (at 1:15 am.) he bugged the CRAP out of me until I got out of bed. (He used Taco Bell as bait lol) He had bought me flowers and some chocolate for our anniversary! The flowers are pretty. There are only 5 of them. There is :

One pink rose:


A white and red carnation:



And a pink and yellow lion-lookin flower:



The whole bouqet...


He also got me a card!


"When I met you,

I wasn't planning on falling in love.

I wasn't planning

on feeling so attracted

to someone,

but you awakened

feelings inside of me

that I'd forgotten existed.

When I met you,

I didn't realize

how much our love

would grow-

that the attraction

that first brought us together

would reach beyond passion

to the comfort of knowing

I have someone very special,

someone who is

not only my lover

but my close friend."


"When I met you,

I had no idea

where our relationship

would lead us,

how beautiful you would

make my world.

But now I know without a doubt...

the lukiest day of my life

was the day

that I met you. " - R. Duvall

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