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Red Rock Ice Falls


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During part of the winter in the Red Rocks in Nevada, there can be found a few seasonal waterfalls. We hiked a bit to find one of these - because it was on the shadow side of the rocks, it got no sun, so it froze as it hit the bottom of the canyon. The ice deposited at the bottom formed perfectly clear coatings on the rocks - inches thick in places. Directly under the falls, the water formed ice formations in spires and peaks - a bit further away, it formed nodules of clear ice in delicately veined globes - all alive with air bubbles that travel along the surface of the supporting rocks. These static pictures do not do the falls justice. They are literally, a living thing. Truly beautiful. I tried to take pictures up, under the falls, but just then the wind shifted and the water poured down over me. If I did not scamble quickly down over the ice to drier rocks, I would have turned into a frozen statue! As it was, walking back, wet, was not so much fun. Luckily, my special hat shed the majority of it, and I had enough coat layers that most of the water did not make it through to my skin. I was happy - except I did NOT get the picture I was after.Here are a few we captured.......



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