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Hiking The Red Rocks


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For a Christmas suprise, my hubby took me to Nevada for 5 days this past week to go hiking in the Red Rocks and to visit Hoover D*a*m. I thought that you might enjoy a few pictures of our hike just in case anyone has not had the opportunity to hike there.

The RedRocks are found in the Mohave Desert. It is sandstone that has been pushed up in the most amazing fashion - producing weathered and steep pinacles of hills and mountains in amazing colors of red, orange, pink, white, and gray/blue. The first set I have here are from a walk along the Calico hills, so named because they display so many different colors. There are trails you can walk that are pretty well laid out - you will have about 400 foot elevation differences, but the walk is easy. To get closer to the rocks, however, we opted to take a less often traveled way - and go up over the rocks. This involved some rock scrambling and climbing, but it was well worth it. There are some amazingly small and glorious photo opportunities there.

The weather could not have cooperated more. In the winter it was a clear 40F with a light breeze - much better than a sweltering 120 that it can frequently be in the summer.



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