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Commet With A Bloodshot Eye?

Guest ILuvBertha

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Guest ILuvBertha

Hi, im wondering if anyone can please tell me whats wrong with my 5" commet Phyllis. First the stats-

Water - All levels perfect (as checked by me and the pet shop)

Tank - 76 Gallons been running about 9mths

Filter - large, Aquaone?

Change a quarter of the tank water every week

4 fish in the tank - 6", 4", 3"

Using an all round water conditioner

Using anti fungal treatment as advised by petshop / also using salt

No new fish

Feed em soaked goldfish pellets, frozen food, veges


I first noticed that Phyllis had a cloudy patch on one eye (not in the centre) that was 3 days ago and yesterday she developed what looks like blood (inflamation?) all around her eye. The link above is a photo of her eye though its hard to see. she does have orange markings on top of the eye like an eyelid but the rest is newly red.

She is still active and gobbles down her food but shes just not her usual happy self. There are no other unusual markings or signs of disease on her body.

On the petshops advice im using both salt and an anti fungal treatment. is this the right thing to do??

It be so greatful if anyone could help. I love my fish and want to make her as comfortable as possible.

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Hi Bertha's friend,


Can you tell me the name of the fungal treatment you have been recommended - and also if your fishies fins are very clamped or perhaps its just the pic? Also the exact numbers on your nitrates, amm and nitrites would help. Hopefully we can help more then.

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