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How Big Will He Grow?

Guest avalon

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Okay so when my pond broke yesterday, all the fish had to be pulled out etc, for the moment their in a 55g 8 foot long trough, and since Mum likes it, I'm guessing they'll be staying there. The fish are a fancy bodied goldy with a fused tail (a nymph) and a 5 inch (including tail) shubunkin. Both are stunted. The nymph (Sepia) was like that when I bought her, I've had her for 5 months and part from getting a lot fatter, she hasn't grown at all.

The shubunkin is the one I'm really asking about though, He's at least 7 years old, and a confirmed male. Since I've had him he's grown about an inch, but very very slowly, and more like he's just been filling out then an actual growth spurt. For 6 years he lived in a 10g pot pond, so he's definitely very stunted.

But what I want to know, is can I really expect him to grow? or can I just treat him like a dwarf goldfish? as I ahve two other goldies that need to go outside and if he's gonna grow more I need to make new arrangements for the other two goldies.

Does anyone have any experience with stunted fish?

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