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My name is Faustino and I am a new member of this site. Anyways, I am quite content with the goldfish I have selected from (Ugh!) my local vvvv. Here in my town, the stores for fish leave you with only vvvv and Petcos. Okay, so it is winter...... Or getting there. And um...... Well my goldfish bred and I see eggs. I moved them into a 2 1/2 gallon tank. I haven't had my goldfish for no more than 6 months and they are pretty big now. I bought them small. I was not expecting them to breed, though they have been demonstrating this behavior. My question is that now I have these eggs, I am unprepared but I want to raise them. I only have a 30 gallon tank and a 10 gallon (which is occupied by some new friends I bought this week) and I am only left with two 2 1/2 gallon tanks until later this month when I can purchase a HUGE tank. My questions are this. Will they be okay in these small tanks for a short period of time? I have a sponge filter left over from when I was in my breeding betta days. Pretty much I already set up these small tanks with live plants and such for these babies. Number two. At what point is it okay to run the filter? And last. How quickly do I need a tank for these guys? What size would be sufficient? I hear goldfish can lay many eggs, though my spawning mops only appear to have 25 or so on each one and I only have two. The rest of the eggs, I left in the cracks of the rocks in the adult tank.

Anyone care to share with me their experiene and knoweldge in this? I would be most grateful and interested.



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Hi Faustino,

Welcome to KoKos!!! I'm sorry, but I don't have any experience with eggs. However, many people on here do, so I am sure someone will be along to help you. You could try the breeding board for some answers, too. Glad to have you with us!!!

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I would turn on the sponge filters immediately - even before hatch. That will allow them to start to seed and develop a cycle slowly and easily along with the fry as they grow.

As far as the fry - yes - with care and only a few, you can keep them in "smaller" water - but remember that water quality is what it is ALL about when attempting to raise healthy, strong fish. Each and every time you have to change water in a fry tank, you risk injuring delicate fry - so the less that is necessary the better.

Your eggs should hatch out within approximately 4-7days depending on the temp of the tank. The fry will sit on the bottom or on the tank sides or mop for a day or two, then will dash to the surface for that all important gulp of air to fill the swim bladder. If they manage that, they are then ready to eat.......

If you raised other species of fish you know how important regular feeding with higher protien foods is to the successful raising of fry.

This is just a touch ...... as noted above, there is a lot of information on breeding and raising fry in the breeding section. We will be happy to help you in any way. As far as successfully raising fish in tiny water volumes - yes it can be done, but will be a bit of work. You also have to realize that many spawnings will go through a fairly dramatic die-off - and you may end up with only one or two fry anyway.

The fry will use the sponge to feed from. You can switch to a powered sponge after a week or two..... and a regular filter after a month or so. After the fry are about 1/2 inch, I usually find that they are plenty strong enough for a regular HOB filter.

Welcome to Koko's :)

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