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Suggstions Anyone?


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So i'm making a 'top tips for goldfish shopping' list and, i thought you guys could help me think of what i could put on the list, here's what i've go so far:

1) If the fish looks sick - it proabably is, only buy it if your willing to care for it and nurse it back to good health

2) if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is, don't alaways believe pet store staff's one-liners eg 'this fish doesn't need a filter!' etc etc, most pet stores will tell you stuff just to sell you a product

3) shop around. if you're lucky enough to have more then one pet stores in your area, use it to your advantage, shop around, just like you would if you're buying a new television or mobile phone.

4) What do the fsh in the tanks look like? If they're active, alert and bright coloured, they're healthy, but if their fins are clamped, not swimming much or DEAD DO NOT buy any fish from that tank!

i need some more!

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