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Red Pest?

Guest Outbackhill

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Guest Outbackhill

Ammonia: 0ppm (API Ammonia Drop Test)

Nitrite: 0ppm

Nitrate: 20ppm before water change(Test Strip and API Nitrate Drop Test)

pH: 7.5

Tank Size: 180 Gallons... Running 6+ Months

Filter: Two HydroSponge Vs, I may be wrong on the spelling though.

Water Changes: Weekly 30%, currently 30% daily

Fish: 9 Fancies 3"-8", some snails

Water Additives/Conditioners: None. Well water and tests 0/0/0 from the tap.

Medication: Ich-X recently, ich introduced via infected plant.

New Fish: Two new fancies about one month ago, had been in quarantine for two months prior to introduction. New live plants, quarantine and bleach didn't remove all the ich from the tank it was transferred from.

Feed: Pro-Gold, Hikari Oranda, Peas

Unusual Findings:

As of December 1st: Bloody streaks in the fins. Started with just a few fish, now all seem to have it. Not sure if it's due to the medication or not. The worst case, who's fins now look a uniform pink colour since there is so much blood streaks in them is looking to be at the start of fin rot. The edges are a whiter colour, but not as defined as the other fin rot cases we've seen. One day he had about six red dots on his gill plate, the centers of the red rings having a white dot in them. We did a water change and it immediately disappeared. The same day he had some bleeding under his pectoral fins, but again was gone after a water change.

As of Today: Large scaleless (no shinies ^^) oranda red streaks throughout body. The above fantail now has chunks of fin falling off.. Not rotting off as is seen with fin rot. Actual chunks are deteriorating and dropping off his tail.

Unusual Behaviour: They all seem to be acting fine and normal. The one fantail was the worst case (bloody streaks, white fin trim, had the bloody gill plates and under-fins) has been just sitting in the middle of the tank hanging in 'mid-water'. He still eats fine and is active at feeding time, but recently just hangs in the water which is a bit unusual for him. Update: All are a bit lethargic today.

Other: At first I wondered if they were just not liking the ich treatment. Now I believe it is a result of 'Red Pest', as they seem to have all the symptoms. Just wondering what I can do for this condition. I have a fresh canister Medi-Gold on order, as well as another antibacterial medicated food. There's not much info on it.. I've heard to disinfect the tank with a .2% solution of acriflavine or monacrin. Also adding 1% antibiotics to their feed (chloromycetin or tetracycline). About both these options and medications, good or bad? Also where would one find them, what type of store? Thanks in advance.

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Red pest is a serious bacterial disease and it is almost impossible to treat with water born meds. If you think red pest is likely (and it is one of the rarer bacterial infections) then you will need antibiotic food that contains tetracycline and you will need to clear your tank of all stressors including the medication for ich. Ich-X contains formaldehyde which can aggravate bacterial infection. I recommend Metromeds from Rick at Goldfish Connection. As soon as you can.

Can you tell us the history of the ich? Fish very weakened from another disease are more at risk for something like red pest. How long has ich been in the tank and how long did you medicate for it for? It is also important those ich termites have been eradicated.

Depending on your response, it may be wise to salt to o.3% along with the metromeds (which contain oxytetracycline).

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Outbackhill, you are saying Hydro Sponge filters are in the tank? You mean those? ----> http://www.aquariumguys.com/hydrosponge1.html

If so, those are by no means adequate filters for any tank - not all by themselves. They are great additions to any existing hang-on or canister filter, or wonderful for fry tanks. But having them as your only way of filtration, that is not going to cut it for this size tank, or the size and number of fish.

A hydro sponge isn't a filter in the sense of taking out the waste physically - it is meant more in the sense of housing beneficial bacteria in those huge sponges, and somewhat of a mechanical filter, due to the suction that will draw a lot of waste under the sponges, where you can vaccuum them off during water changes. You will need a more efficient filter that actually removes waste and directs it into some sort of filter compartment, where it will be turned into less toxic nitrates.

For a huge tank like yours, those sponges, as big and wonderful as they are for other means, can not house enough beneficial bacteria to take care of waste. I love those hydro sponges for my fry, and I have them on some of my tanks as additional growing grounds for the beneficial bacteria, but you will need other means of filtration.

Since Red Pest seems to be a rather rare thing like Imogen mentioned, I would much rather think that those red streaks come from too much stuff that isn't converted in your tank.

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