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Water Change After Spawning

Guest Ade

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My fishes just spawned again....

The first time they did that was when my tank was still cycling..fine...I did a 90% water change...it stinks...washed the filter as well.

This time around...the tank is at its last phase of cycling...ammonia levels have gone down from 1ppm to 0ppm. Nitrites are rising and Nitrates are rising as well...

The question..how much water change do I need to do? If I do a 90% water change..does this mean my tank will have to restart the cycling process?

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Spawning releases lots of extra ammonia (waste products) into the water. It is as if you had added several extra large fish to the tank. I would suggest that you do a water change ASAP.....

BUT, I would suggest you test the ammonia/nitrite in the tank and calculate out what amount of water you need to change to get the ammonia/nitrite down to 0.5ppm..... remember you are diluting the toxins by a change....... So if you have 2ppm ammonia, you have to do a 75% water change to get them to 0.5ppm.

Whenyou change your water, as long as you only gently rinse the media in used fish water and vacumn out the gravel without "washing" it, you should not be disturbing or stunting your developing cycle. The BB that make up the cycle actually do better when the gravel is not all gunked up - more oxygen for them - and better when the filter is not all gunked up (more flow) and better when the ammonia and nitrite and nitrate is not too high (they do not like high levels, either!).

So, change away - just as you have been doing each day for the cycle - you just may have to change more today.

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