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New Betta

Guest Inocel

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Hi everyone. Some of you know, I lost my goldfish, Noah 2 weeks ago. After that I asked advice on what to do with his tank, which was way too small for another goldfish. I followed advice, and properly cleaned it. Last sunday I went to an aquarium store that only has salt water fish and bettas. :newfish I picked out the newest member of our family. His name is Kuno, and he is red. He is so beautifull. Hiss scales have little blue irresesant spats, and the top of his tail fin has the same blue streaks. He is very happy, and swims around alot, he sleeps in a cave that we put in the tank, and he loves to eat. He is showing no signs of ick or fin rot, so I believe cleaning the tank was a success.

Thanks everyone, I will try to post a picture of him.

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Congrats on your new betta! I made the same decision when I came here and found out why I lost my goldfish. After I got a betta and saw that he could do well, I added a bigger goldfish tank to the mix. I'm sure you will enjoy yours. Mine is a total character!

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