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Spawning Video


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Many newbies have not seen the act of spawning. I have seen many questions concerning this activity. It was time to get out the hand held camera. So; please excuse the movement and reflections in the video. At the bottom is the link to this video for Koko's subscribers and guests to see.

Yesterday Lovie started acting wierd; hiding away from Thurston in the bushes, darting and becomming quite hungry and - well - not her usual petite queemly self. I decided to move Thurston and her into a spawning tank. Basically; it is a 28 gallon with lots of plants for her to hide and lay eggs in; and places to get away from Thurston. The activity of the water and its circulation is reduced. The water changes smaller but more volume overall per day changed.

As well; I tend to leave it with some green algae on the glass, etc. Why?? Well - just as I have seen happen a lot of times; my Pearlscales develop a real craving for plant leaves and algae on glass and plants just before birthing - almost like a human woman does with pickles and stuff like that. Well today that happened. As well; Thurston became veryh aggressive. Not enough to hurt her; but definately giving great attention like picking and nudging her. You will see this in the video.

To confirm my suspicions; I did a pre-birthing test by giving slight pressure under the anal opening. Do not do this if you do not know how!!! I wanted to make sure there was no impaction of the eggs in front of the opening. Eggs easily started popping out. Although; before I did this I could clearly see that it was very wide and that a portion of the top of the cavity was very red.

Important note;l size does not always indicate pregnancy. As you can see Lovie is not overly large. Her low fat diet helps a lot to keep her swim bladder problems - possibilities of - under control.

Now; as many of you know from my Punch videos;


(there are others you will see when you get to the sites)

most of my fish are used to being handled. I do this, especially, with the Calicos and Pearlscales so that they are used to me inspecting them for disease, woulds, etc.

Again; this handling must be done with care; Newbies. I discourage it until you have developed an understanding of the makeup of your fish and their habitation. I have 7 Tanks and have done this over 7 years.

Their skin makes it very hard to catch fungus and bacteria in early stages unkless you inspect them and they are cooperative.

I have learned to partially cover the tank with a towel when this process is occuring - I find if I do not do this they will try to find the most secluded spot in the plants to get away from everything. I do not wish this because it is wise to keep an eye on the progress.

Anyway; I made a short video showing, what I believe, is a very attentive and properly caring Thurston; Tenderly doing all thge things the male is supposed to do during this process. Hopefully Daryl and some of the others will chime in on this video here under this topic - rather than me do a play by play. I attempted to do numerous closeups soas for newbies to see physical changes in Lovie and to see how tender Thurston goes at her.

The tags are the words: Punch Goldfish

The name is: spawning habits

As soon as it gives me an address - I will put up the direct link: great it gave it to me during editing - this is the direct link----------:

-The tags should take you to the video when it is completed processing on the utube site. It is processed by now. The main address is


for those not familiar with utube. Enjoy the video and awe at the nature we do not control but should always appreciate.

If youi get a moment take the time to observe Gary (yes Gary) the snail ;

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