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New Here...check Out My Babies..

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Hi all,

I have been a fan of this site for over 3yrs. I have had goldfish for 2yrs. I would check out Koko's from work. All my finny friends thank you all for the good advice and info.

I just got my own computer and this is the first site I joined.

I just set up a picture page....check it out!


Happy to be here!

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Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I just found this post...I didn't think it went thru. These guys are my pride and joy.

I have 3 tanks right know..

37gallon with 2 telescopes...Pumpkin and Spook

55 gallon terracotta...5 fish...shown in pictures

55 gallon ....has Fleur, Pharaoh, Weasley and the 2 common rescues....dream of a 125 gallon for these guy.

The plants in terracotta pots are fake.

The plants in the black pots were real...I just buried the ends of the plants in flourite. I did then put large black river rocks over flourite so goldfish couldn't dig in it. They did get pulled out occationally from the top.

I eventually took out all real plants as to much maintenance. My focus was goldfish...know I have more time to enjoy them.

I am trying to get profile page and more pictures!

I just love talking with other goldfish addicts! :D

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