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Absolutely Amazing


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i found this site a while ago. i think these were the constanstants? anyway, after you click on the tank size, then you click on Start viewing. it also give info about each tank, such as lighting, or filtration Blah Blah Blah.... i could recognize some of the winner :D


Unquestionably they are labors of love. I am amazed at the number and variety of plants for the underater environment... then again, it is doubtful if any would survive a winter in a pond.


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lots of these plants are tropical and do alot better in the higher temps of water as these are plants usually found in the amazon river and the northern parts of australia and through asia so most likely oliver they would not live very long in a pond :) they are also very delicate and require a fair bit of light plus ferts and co2 injecting

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