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well, i have four fish in my tank, 2 are girls (i think) and 2 are boys (again, i think). the boys have been chasing the girls for about a week now, and both boys have the breeding spots on their gill plates and pectoral fins. i went today to do their weekly water change, and noticed that i was hoovering up loads of eggs in the siphon :blink: had a look around, and there are eggs EVERYWHERE - on the filters, on the plants...i don't know what to do! ok - some questions (sorry!)

1. i don't have the time or facilities to raise fry and the minute, so if i leave the eggs in the tank, will the parents just eat them and i won't end up with new babies?

2. will the boys EVER stop chasing the girls(!)? i worry they're going to hurt Eve in particular, cos they really don't seem to be giving up! they do all lie down together when they get tired, but i worry she's gonna get stressed and i don't really have anywhere else to put her.

3. is there anything i need to be particularly aware of in terms of water params? will all those eggs play havok with my cycle or anything?

um...i think that's it. on the other hand, of course, i'm quite pleased that they're wanting to breed, cos that must mean i'm doing stuff right when it comes to looking after them - yaay! :)

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First of all be very careful to watch your water over the next week. Eggs can really make trouble with your cycle. If you don't want to keep the eggs remove as many as you can remembering speed is important because they freefloat for sometime and then once attached they stick like superglue and its almost impossible to get them off the sides of everything. But the fish can do it. They will nibble at them till they are gone. You may want to cut back on other feedings at this time. Watch your params very closely.

Yes -you must be doing well with looking after your fish. Unhappy fish dont seem to lay eggs. There will be plenty more chances if you should want to breed later on. In fact if you see eggs one day chances are good there will be at least 3 more sprays of eggs from each female within the next week. IME they never stop once they've started! But watch out for your female/s a s they do get very stressed and tired with all the breeding activity.

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