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I pulled a big shubunkin out of the pond last week as I suspected pop-eye. She's been in a quarentine tank that is really too small for her, but I'm doing water changes every day while I treat her..... Treatment consists of raised temp to 80-82 degrees (F) with .3% salt and feeding antibiotic food. The eye looks about the same, but what appears to be a scratch above the eye is looking a lot better. I'm told the eye will take a long time to completely return to normal. It's not popped way out, but is discolored orange and black. Fish is eating really well and looks good.

SO,,,,, my question is this. This fish will be ready to go back out in the pond on the weekend. My outdoor water temps are down to 55 degrees (F) now. I'm worried about bringing the temps down to get this fish back in the pond.

I'm thinking I'll cut the heater in a few days. That will take the temp to 70 in her indoor tank, then we may move her tank to the garage which will bring the temp gradually down more, THEN in a couple more days the fish can be transferred to the pond. Does this sound right????

I don't want to do anything to jeopordize the fish after all this treatment. I really don't want to keep her inside all winter, as the daily water changes are a real pain. I'll do it if I have to, but I think she'd be happy to be back in her pond with the others. Advice please?

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