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Some Of My Fantail Babies


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I'm growing out seven fantail babies that a friend from Louisiana sent me. They were so small when I got them -- like the size of a babies fingernail. Now they're getting bigger and coloring up. It's been great fun watching them grow up..... They don't really sit still for the camera, but I wanted to share a pic with you all:


I haven't named them, but thought the names of the seven dwarfs would apply to this bunch, LOL......

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CUTE!!!! Why did your friend send them to you? looks like you have them in a plastic bin or rubbermaid.

My friend had a big spawn in her pond and offered them to me. I paid for shipping and she sent me the fancies along with a bunch of shubunkin comets to grow out. The common/comet tailed fish are separated from these fancies. And yes, I do have them in a plastic 10 gallon bin at the moment. They'll upgrade to a 15 gallon soon, then a 70 or 75 gallon next. Their current tank is filtered by two corner filters and has two airstones, a heater, plants, light, and gets a water change twice a week. They get fed twice a day -- sinking chow in the AM and frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp in the PM. So far they are doing really well and I've had a total blast watching them grow out. :)

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