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You do have to allow for extra water for snails as they are messy like GF and produce a fair bit of waste. Some people are under the impression that snails will help clean the tank. Snails will eat food on the bottom of the tank and algae, but they produce waste as well.

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They always say that a snail needs at least 2.5 gallons each,and that depends really on the type of snail you get.Brigs/Mystery snails tend to get about the size of a quarter,where Canna's,Haustrums,etc,get between baseball /softball size,so you have to consider that when picking fish and the size of your tank.

A big enough tank and alot of filtration is a must along with perfect water params.

As Selena mentioned,these snails are not really the best for keeping your tank cleaner.They have a lot more requirements then most people realize,including a lot of fresh vegetables needed on a daily basis,calcium supplements,etc.They really only eat algae as a last resort,when they can find no other food alternative. You would be shocked when owning a few of them to see just how much waste they can produce. :o When I kept snail tanks,all I did was syphon poo. :thud

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I have a black mystery snail and I love the little guy.

they need about an inch and a half of space between

the top water line and the lid, as they frequently

travel to the top of the tank to draw oxygen from the

atmosphere with their syphon. they will forage detritus

waste, algae, decaying plant material (not live), also

they will eat algae wafers, flake food, and pellets.

they need a flat surface somewhere in the tank for

feeding when they are not foraging. you can literally

place the snail on the flat surface with some food ready

to go and watch the little guy chow down. they do produce

waste however, so keep that in mind so as to not overcrowd

your tank.

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Just wondering, but do those water snails people keep in tanks need a certain amounts of water? And what is the benefit of them? Or are they to just add to the tank?

Also does anyone know how much water space rice fish and minnows need?

just wondering. wat did u do with that fish ya holding and wat is it

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