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Lift 5 Gallon Buckets No More


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I still hear many preople struggling with dumping 5 gallon buckets of water into the tanks -

A friend of mine has just started a business called; CleanChange. It is producing a product that has a 5 gallon bucket with a spillproof cover, an underwater pump at the bottom of the bucket -, a gate valve on the input line and the out put to put flow as slow as you wish to go, and a "jetison Hook" - basically an elbow at the end of the output hose that allows you to securely hang the output anywhere. It will push up to 12 feet vertically if needed and is capable of being adjusted to a small stream. it is totally silent. It is great for those people straining with the bucket method or grapple with hood lights not condusive to the pouring needs and space for water to pass between.

I find it is great for mixing the water the night before - pull off - say 5 gallons in the morning- and plug the thing in - and go eat breakfast..LOL it is so basically simple yet seems to be selling.

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