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Clear Or Pooh-brown Tap Water - You Choose


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This may be long but, I feel, is the only way for a wake-up call;

I read a lot of the topics and their contents here in the ?blog of fish?. I do not think I am going beyond the boundaries when I say; I believe many others, in the ?business or hobby? that have done this quite a while would agreed (to some part) of what I say here.

Many problems that cause a Hobbyist to ?freak out? and stress out is not due to an immediate attacked that could not have been prevented.

The one thing I am ? almost always ? faced with is the primary and secondary affects of water quality. I submit; I believe 75% of the issues stated in this forum ? as problems ? are secondary effects to a primary killer ? water quality. I have written a few articles, in mags ? on this very issue. However; it continues to be a predominant cause of primary and secondary causal effects in fish mortality. Especially for Goldies.

I have been in communication with one of the individuals on this site that told me that she changed water once a week and was experiencing Toxic spikes ? and wondered why. You can tell by my response I am always in a lot of detail and I appreciate here contact.

I realize that the problem is not the lack of knowledge; but rather the lack of some of us long in the profession to focus on what is the true priority and most urgent factor to maintain a healthy aqua-puppy.

Goldies are some of the most resilient fish to environment changes. They are some of the most adaptive to a wide variety of pH ? from 7.0 to 8.2 ? sometimes even wider ? buffer capacity, and the shock of adding buckets of water to tanks rather than the slow addition. The list goes on and on; even the buildup of Nitrates at some rather significant levels. However ? the one thing they will not stand for is the presence of Ammonia and Nitrite. They react to this like a human would to the trace presence of cyanide in the air ?

I should know - I was one of the researchers who responded to the Union Carbide Disaster in Bhopal, India during the release of Cyanide gas from the plant.

If this topic could save one fish from disaster ? I will try to impress, impress, overdo the idea. If you cannot commit to water changes on a daily basis then, as in many cases, expect to loose your most cherished companion. Even in the case of cycling a tank ? the water change process should be a part of every day life ? like taking a shower is to most people (LOL)>

In my case ? all my tanks get a double change per day ? once in the morning and once in the evening. 30% on each change minimum along with a suction vacuum of a different part of the tanks during the morning change.

I know Hobbyist that swear by 100% changes per day; their physical problems list is almost non- existent. The changes are twice a day ? 50 ? 50 there is never a chance for pH waver (except as sometimes caused by the output of the water company). Water quality levels remain consistent.

Does this sound like a lot of work ? I do not think I have experienced ? other than human being death ? the grief I felt from the death of one of my favorite aqua ? puppies ? This grief level is uncanny ? and is something to be avoided if at all possible.

Maybe and possibly my water change levels are better suited to you at 30 ? 30%. The alternative ? however ? is the exponential increase in the chancing of physical harm or mortality. As well; it is not just the Pooh you see coming from the fish ? it is the invisible liquid byproducts that they excrete between those releases as well.

It is hard to place this is Human terms ? so placing it in relation to the White Dolphins of China (porpoise possibly ? excuse the possible mistake). A person thought he was rescuing 5 individuals ? and placed them in a small swimming pool and contacted an international rescue organization ? by the time they got there a week later ? 2 had died and 3 were in the process of dying. The ?keeper? thought that, being airbreathing creatures ? they would survive - - so he did not change the water that week ? in the pool. Of course ? they were living in their own excrement and drinking their waste as the only source of water. They were being fed ? how nice ? the double kill ?.

Imagine you being forced to do the same with the excrement from your bathroom ? daily ? NO it is not a pleasant thought. That is the point. This is not meant to enrage but to educate and ? in some way ? bring some people to a level plain of understanding.

You have a choice not to imbibe your excrement ? they depend on you to help them prevent this problem ? Filters do not do it all. Certainly filters are not instantaneous in their responses to the presence of toxins in the water. They give (I know from personal experience) a false sense of security.

You depend on the water companies (like I do in Chicago```` with polluted Lake Michigan water) to remove all of those waste and toxins ? they dump human waste and Mercury into the lake and then we pay to have it removed from the water DUHHHH!!!! Your filter system ? in most cases on your tanks ? are no-where near that good.

Think about this when you drink water or wash dishes. While you have that moment of thought -= get the bucket out and do that added water change daily - Your aquapuppies water is coming out brown from his or her tap ? yours is coming out clean and clear.```````````````````

I hope this saves at least one aqua-puppy from stress or death?.

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