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Shall I Starve Them? Quit Changing Their Water?


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My fish simply will NOT stop breeding! Isn't there some times of year where they aren't supposed to breed? Is it that time yet? :krazy:

I have tried feeding them a bit less, but that has not helped. I have tried going a little longer between water changes, but no, they are still spewing eggs and things all over the place ! And then I have to change the water again. I still have 3 fry from my first bnatch back in May, and i think since then they have spawned about 50 times. I am surprised the females have anything left in them, lol.

Any tips on getting them NOT to breed? Unfortunately I have no place to separate the males and females and since they are already overstocked I hate to put a divider in their tank. Four huge fish (2 commons and 2 comets) in an unheated 55 gallon who think they need to repopulate the earth. I just let them eat the eggs since I have no more room for fish, but I am always worried that they will spawn themselves to death. And they are only like 2-3 years old!

Just curious if there is anything I could do to discourage the little buggers...always waking me up at 4am splashing around and making me do huge 90% water changes twice a week because of the spawning leftovers.

And btw, I miss you guys! :heart

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I dont have any advise on what you could do, but if it is any consolation my pond fish are still spawning all the time. The tank fish have stopped, they a bit of chasing but nothing more. Just out of curiousity what temp. is your tank?

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I don't know if chaning the water more would help...they ALWAYS spawn after a water change! :D And i think you are right about the divider, it probably wouldn't help anyway.

The tank is usually between 65-68 degrees F, just regular room temperature for here. During the summer it would get up to 72 or so.

Crazy fish! I swear they are looking at me right now like they know I am writing about them! (and yeah, the FISH are crazy!)

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Yeah, i am hoping the weather getting colder will help. It has been 4 days with no eggs, so that is a good thing! I added a new filter to, so I may not have to change the water quite as often (I do 3x a week because I am overstocked, based on nitrate levels)-but we'll see. Hopefully that will help a bit too!

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Guest Fuzzy Dragon

I have a few repeat offenders as well ... these posts are a couple weeks old so, they may not help this particular case but for the record Ill toss these thoughts in.

The propensity to spawn will remain high as long as spring like conditions persist in your tank ie 65-72 degree water, substantial water changes (spring rains bring fresh water), storms that cause barometric fluctuations (happen fall and spring depending on where you live). My fish happen to respond to both storms and water changes when their water is around 68-72 degrees.

Want them to stop ... don't blame you ... makes the water stink, encourages fungi blooms, and it is terribly distracting.

Get a heater = up the temp a little and keep it steady at ... maybe 75 degrees or so. Simulate summer conditions with the warmer more consistant water temps and they will respond accordingly. OK, Im going to blab for a moment on something that may or may not be obvious to folks: They are hardwired to respond to particular conditions that correlate to seasonal fluctuations which allow them to know when to proceed with certain actions such as spawning to ensure a safe future for the species. Among other variables, fresh water, storms, and particular temperatures can alone or together induce spawning. Deer breed in the fall and young are born in the spring (increased cance for survival). Salmon = hatch in the rivers and proceed to the ocean to rear for two - three years before moving back up the rivers durring the spring (as high flows begin to recede) to find a pool and wait for three months before spawning in the late summer to fall ... why? they are hardwired to respond to their environment just like the goldfish to provide the young the best conditions possible (fry would not survive winter). Control the atmosphere and control their activities. Cooling the goldfish down would help but this is not a fix for the duration, keeping a consistant and low temp would be difficult. Also, dropping the temps means winter to the goldfish which means they will anticipate a warming (spring) and will want to spawn again when that happens.

Try the other direction: Warm the waters up a little and keep them up ... maybe 75-78 degrees? simulate a never ending summer ... surfer goldies

Warning: keep an eye on the parameters with the higher temps as temp directly relates to the toxicity with ammonia and what not.

Your not alone ... I have two sets that have both spawned at least 4 times each this fall and Im sick of it ... I have stabilized one set but the others are in a large tank I do not feel like blowing the wattage on to warm. The ones that are warm - have not spawned for a couple weeks - though they just did it again this weekend due to a 40% water change ... So, while not at all a cure, temp is one of the several variables you can control.



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