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De-pooping The Poop Cycle.

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Everyone has a slightly different definition of what, to them, is the completion point of cycling (not what is, necessarily, the definition of the word), and when the system is considered "cycled". Just for a future cycling note; this will depend on when you consider the cycle to be complete-

Is it, for your definition, at the point that you are getting readings of all three toxins nitrate/nitrite/ and ammonia - and therefore you assume that the cycle is in its complete circle mode of breakdown thru bacterial and chemical interaction - or do you consider the cycle issue to be "closed " and operational when the three primary - key bacteria for the cycle to operate are present ? either representation may be diagramed in the same visual concept as the Nitrogen cycle. Yet ? based on your strips or liquid testing materials; you may not have readings of only one or two attributes of the breakdown process embedded in the cycle.

Not that most people really trust their strips or liquid testers - personally; I submit - if you were asked to stake your life on the accuracy of the testers that you now use - liquid or strip - I do not think any of you would step forward for the challenge. Yet at the same time - our pets lives are hanging in the balance.

That is why - over time - I have moved to electronic digital test readout instruments for the parameters I keep vigilance on. - I found - since I started about 8 years ago until I first started investing into digital readout handheld analyzers; for all the strips and the liquid testing products - I could have bought a second meter on top of the first one, of each defined readout, that I had purchased. purchased.

It seems; getting back to the issue; the perils of cycling and the need to come to a amicable definition for the term cycling ? because of a new company product - is old hat and is no longer of importance - at least as far as the health and well being of your furry little aqua puppies are concerned..

Recently; one of the first companies to incorporate all three primary bacteria, that drive the attributes of the nitrogen cycle, were placed in one bottle. Seachem recently came out with "stability".

In fact; they are so sure of their product that they claim and maintain- on the label - that the use of their product nullifies the need for time consuming cycle periods. I have tried it and, I must admit after all the testing. Their claims seem valid.

You can add their product to the setup tank, on the same day add fish where fish were never frolicking before. This is what I term de-pooping (is there such a word ? spell-check says no) the need for the poop cycle.

It seems to be - as well, a great product to maintain a level biological activity with biofilters. sometimes ammonia and nitrite and nitrate balances / ratio staggers, spikes, or at time drops out; this causes havoc on the bio filter; the colony sizes change in relation to the waste product for the little worker bacteria to work on. As well; there is a lag in the bell curve - or it shifts, potentially creating conditions leading to toxins gaining the advantage and spiking- causing stress and whatever.....before the Bacteria have the chance to rebuild their troop strength and take control of a potential system meltdown. Up to now - they, companies such as Eheim, recommended that you remove all prefilter apparatus from the biofilters - so that -essentially, the filter will suck up junk that will soon go thru the degradation process - thus maintains a level of toxins, in the water, to keep a certain size colony busy. This way we pet owners maintain our own "surge readiness? The president must own fish for him to have conceived of the "troop surge" concept. This concept (suggested by Eheim and - oh yes Mr. Bushes concept as well - since the subject came up) never made sense to me -

I am encouraged, by the manufacturer instruction book, to set up a system to produce the pollutant so that I can keep the little buggers happy. This would also, bring into question the logical use of absorption resins or ammonia chips; since here you are told to create a biological filter sink basin for plant and fish waste - only to try to destroy all of your hard bio work by having a secondary chemical filtration canister filter working against you. If I were bacteria - I would think that concept would be rather depressing.

This product resolves the issue - allowing you to determine how often, based on water testing , an amount would need to be added every so many days. What is nice is that it has no potential hazard to fish - the carrier fluid is inactive and neutral. So you do not have the fear of overdosing and seeing your munchkins floating to the top the next morning when ready to feed. The Seachem product would, under this condition, allow the use of the intake prefilter -

I get my way - my biofilter no longer becomes the tank garbage dump - and one great benefit for the little tank kids; especially for goldies - the prefilter becomes the catchall of every treat imaginable. It becomes the one stop shop/serve yourself fish pit stop; allowing all the gang to have their coffee clutch on and off during the day.

I know that my little piglets like to have snacks that are more filling than what the plants may provide or after a few tiring vacuum passes, by them, across the tank floor. I tend to have Goldies that are rather anal-retentive when it comes to cleaning - Obviously their priority focus is to feed their faces and stuff their cheeks like the local chipmunk.

The nice thing; the kids make it a one minute doughnut stop; then stay away for an hour or so until the hunger pains overtake them again this is obviously, during multiple times throughout the day or night. Fortunately they do not hang there like a race track bookie waiting for the next race.

So I am happy junk is not migrating into - and spoiling - my expensive ceramic bio-balls. This creates less of a need to replace them.

Under the manufacturers suggested setup; becoming no longer habitable by any living microbe because, over time, the heaping micro particles of garbage plugs the entrance to the bacterial living quarters - like a New York Garbage strike; My gang is happy that they have a 24 hour diner in town - I guess to them; the neighborhood is improving - This way I am happy because they are happy.....

My product usage: I use a small amount of the product about twice a week to maintain the population within the enclosed wet/dry filter.

So my own answer to my question at the start of this commentary - referring where your definition of cycle completion resides - basically what came first - the chicken or the egg - - well you can figure it out......Oh I forgot the product removes the need to come up with an answer.... The fearful days of the Cycler; will soon no longer a needed part of our vocabulary ? Thank goodness ? it should of happened much sooner. And no; I am not a representative of the product.

They are removing all the fun; all the hassles and guesswork,,,, In time - No longer will those "other" PET OWNERS (YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE) believe our claim; of just how difficult -HOW LABOR INTENSIVE; how uniquely gifted and intelligent aquapuppy owners must be - to care for such an animal. Slowly; we will be considered no different than "THE OTHERS".... LOL


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It sounds incredibly expensive. Using electronic digital meters for all the key chemicals involved in permanent ongoing cycle monitoring and permanently adding a cycle product must cost a fortune :o

I think I'll have to stick to the old fashioned elbow grease way until I win a lottery or find that gold at the end of a rainbow.

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Good read and very interesting.

Where do you get these electronic digital meters?

In the future when I can afford and have a place of my own to have more tanks I def. hope to know more about this process you talked about.

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