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Eggs After Eggs


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The weather has been so weird lately that it is making my fish keep breeding. I don't really have the space for more fish but I felt guilty about letting all the eggs get eaten so I tried to save some each time. I am having some problems with algae, the newest being red algae which is totally new to me and I think it may have something to do with why my fry only grew to a certain point and then died, even though that were alive long enough to be bigger then they were. They were kept in a breeding trap that was floating in a 20 gallon tank with my new baby pearlscale.

Here are some pics that I took.




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This morning when I was feeding my fish I noticed that the fish who keep breeding weren't as hungry as they usually are so I looked more closely at the tank and found that they had bred yet again. I counted 16 eggs and I know the female usually lays hundreds so they must of started early last night and had a feast on eggs all night long.

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